Toast DVD App Reviews

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Easy to do

I am a novice at creating IMovies and burning to a disc. The IDVD was not available so I had to find one. I stumbled onto this app and it is great! So easy to use and self explanatory. Inexpensive...I am enjoying this immensely!

Constantly hangs at writing lead-out 30%

I have yet to successfully create a disc using this software as it has consistently hung during "writing lead-out 30%”. In addition, if you create disc images (*.toast) with this software, you can’t do anything with them; the application says that they are “not supported” when you try to import them. Opening *.toast files via the Finder results in a “RXGenericOptionController” message the in app window. App is a waste of time and should not have been released with such glaring errors. I regret paying $15 for it.


I tried to add a movie that I made in iMovie (which appears in iMovie Library and iMove Theatre) but I am unable to add it to the project window in Toast. When I drag iMovie video to the project window the cursor keeps spinning for ever forcing me to “force close” Toast. If I try dragging the iMovie theatre, I get three blacked out files with the message they are not compatible! This is very frustrating and feel sorry I spent $15 for this application. Like Google Play Store, we need to have, as App Store Customers, a time limited refund policy.

Burning tool of choice

I have used Toast for a long time. It has always been my app of choice. It is easy to use and gives a good quality finished product. I can’t find a “preview” option on this version which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

easy to use

great app. now that apple does not burn directly to idvd from iMovie this is the app to use. Easy to use, fast and creates a nice finished product

works like a charm

I’ve never had such an uneventful burn before. works like a charm

Love It!

I run an old Mac OS (10.7.5) on an even older machine. Most applications I try dont work, but this one does! It takes awhile, but the finished product is perfect. Nice!

The only Rival to IDVD

thank goodness for this program. Its the only one i could find that even came close to iDVD. The only thing that i can say is that the menus aren’t as nice as idvd and the time it takes to burn. its much longer than idvd. But i am happy, and this program is worth every dime.

Work really well for me!

Really found using the newest version of Toast to be easy and I ended up with an excellent video. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create/copy videos for their personal use.


Finally! I am glad to have found this and that it does everything I, a casual but consistent user, needed to do! Tried many, too many! Thank you!

Such a downgrade

This thing is infuriating. When it burns simple mp4 files and makes it through the whole process, it is fine. When it spends 3 hours ripping and then crashes at 92%, that is infuriating. No idea why it crashes. Also, no support for subtitles. Menus are lame. The old Popcorn was better

Essentially a good app, but rendered worthless because audio and video are out of sync

Am I doing something wrong? I would be happy to update my review if someone can explain what I’m missing.


This program is very old and outdated. All of the menu screens do not have updated graphics. Don’t spend money on this.

Worked for me!

After reading all the reviews, I was real hesitant, but it has worked as described! that’s all that I needed!


If you buy this you need to use it within 2 weeks because no support is given after that, unless you pay more than the program costs. The program is a "one size fits all" recipe, except you can use your own photo in the menu background. It is adequate but inflexible. Instructions are minimal. You will be referred to a "knowledgebase" for information, but the knowledgebase is for a different version (versions Toast 9, 10, and 11, while this is Toast 2). No knowledgebase is maintained for this particular version. My advice is to examine every choice on every menu and every clickbox. Thats what I tried to do. It still took me 3 to 4 mistrials before I got the final disk right. Toast seems a better choice than most of the other programs for this purpose because their reviews do not seem bonafide.

This is not the Toast I used to know

W.T.F is this P.O.S? It’s not a supported product, and it crashes frequently making it unusable. There’s no apparent way to request a refund in the App Store, but I feel like I’ve been ripped off. I buy at least a thousand dollars worth of software every year from Apple, and I’ve only returned maybe one or two IOS apps that didn’t work. I tolerate a lot, and if a product is marginally useful but I don’t like it, I chalk it up to experience. Read the Most Critical reviews (you can sort with the pulldown menu) and you will see exactly what this software is worth. God knows who wrote all the favorable ones...

Easy to use!

I was also skeptical about purchasing this after reading some of the reviews but decided to give it a shot. It works Great, easy to use, i would definitely look around a little bit and get to know the program but it is Super easy to navigate and use!

DONT BUY! They no longer support this app.

I just tried Tech Support and they will not offer you any support for v2.0 of this app. Do not buy this version from the app store!

Doesn’t work

I purchased this app and trying to burn disk with no success. It keeps crashing and it won’t load at all anymore. I’ve gone through 5 discs with no luck. Now it is just annoying. The app did not burn the disk. I fell completely ripped off. And I am not going to waste my time trying to use. So bad it’s almost impressive. This app is completely unnecessary. I don’t even know what I am getting this app. I actually hate this app. Please fix this asap!!

Works fine

This burner has worked fine on my iMac running OS 10.10.2. I have burned quite a few discs (JVC TYG02s and lower grade TDK) with no problems to date. Quite satisfied with this app.

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